Find Your Dream Party Hire in Mornington Peninsula

When you oversee the hosting of a party, whether it's a birthday for a close friend or an office mixer, there will be a lot of necessary equipment and furniture to arrange. If you do not have all the chairs, tables, marquees, and lights, there will be no party. If you are considering employing a party planning agency for your next event, check out Over the Top Events for a party hire tailored to you. We can build the party of your imagination with our top-of-the-line service.

When you let Over the Top Events take care of your event, you can relax and rely on our trusted service. We are one of the biggest event hire companies in regional Victoria, and we have a warehouse of equipment which our customers may visit. Our experience and industry knowledge bring the best party materials to you.

When you need to engage party hire in Mornington Peninsula, first browse our online galleries. You will see our large selection of furniture, catering equipment, marquees, and decor. You can personalise your event with a custom selection of party equipment, or you can call on our styling consultant and owner, Kristie. She can bring your party ideas to life.

Whether you’d like to bring your ideas to us or you want to go with one of our stylised themes, we will deliver the best party hire to Mornington Peninsula. We will help you to find the perfect package, tailored to your needs, based on your budget. Call on Over the Top Events and watch us take your event over the top.


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