Real Weddings


Chantelle + Brent

Brent and Chantelle met in Grade 4 at Nar Nar Goon Primary School. It took until the first day of school in year 9 that Chantelle asked Brent out (through a friend of course). They really didn’t talk much during the first year of their relationships. Chantelle’s mum Cheryl would often ask Chantelle if she talked to Brent at school or football that day, and Chantelle would repeatedly say “no mum”. However towards the end of year 9 their relationship became a little more ‘serious’….

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Kelly + Dwayne

Kelly and Dwayne celebrated their wedding day in a relaxed family affair at Island Bay Ranch in Newhaven. The sun was shining on a beautiful spring day allowing guests to dance under the stars and mingle outdoors with a spectacular festival vibe


Catherine + Adam

“I give you this ring Adam, as a sign that I choose you to share my life with as my partner and best friend ‘till the end of my days. Today I choose you as my husband for life. I commit that our marriage will be built on trust, honesty, communication and spontaneity.”