Wedding Stylist Hire in Phillip Island Will Give Your Event that Something with Personal Touch Styling

Most parties are a great deal of fun and sentiment. Sometimes dramatic, sometimes romantic, most events fit into a category in their décor such as roses or daisies on the tables. Few parties add a distinctive touch other than, perhaps, a name on a cake. What about yours? Your wedding can be an event that you and your guests will reminisce about lifelong. For your wedding event hire on Phillip Island, Over the Top Events, can produce an affair like you never conceived of except within the feeling that you want it to be special. Are you and your spouse-to-be collectors?

Using wedding event styling on Phillip Island can help you achieve a personal touch. For example, if you collect sea shells and your fiancé is a wine connoisseur who has saved bottles or corks, maybe one of your favourite memories is a night on the shore in which you sampled a wine that had been ageing for decades and then she proposed.

Envision a wedding that perhaps shows off your collection, maybe a few shells and corks in a glass bowl, and flowers in the wine bottles. Maybe white wicker accessories would help brand that outdoor feel. Concerned it sounds too casual? Talk to us, using our wedding stylist on Phillip Island will help you marry your ideas with your wants. No ideas, no collections, no worries! If your wedding is set for the evening and you’re thinking of drama, twinkling lights, and sweeping linen, Over the Top Events styling can craft your vision or talk to you about what you both like, want, and wonder about and present ideas for styling that will create a dream wedding.

Wedding Event Styling in Phillip Island and Elsewhere is in Vogue

Harnessing the artistry and skills that help turn dreams into reality is what a stylist hire is all about. Practically a must for constructing unique parties, your stylist hire, Over the Top Events, in Phillip Island, is a professional and dedicated to helping you personalise your wedding or other event smoothly. Browse our website gallery for ideas. A stylist can share more and imagine more and, also important; can manage every detail and produce the dream from pickup and delivery of decorations to set up and take down.

Conjure up the image of an archway that the bride and groom stroll beneath making their way to the party or leaving after for a wedding trip. Might it be adorned with flowers and ribbons or tailored to specific tastes like photos from your relationship? Feel the effect of lighting: Could it be flickering lights along the top of a marquee, magically appearing like stars? Even your event roof can sport colour, detailing, and design adventures. Your styling will reflect you, and come to life seamlessly with the right hire such as Over the Top Events.

Our Company Will Work with You on Your Needs, Budget, and Dreams

We know how overwhelming event planning can be, especially for a wedding. We are committed to working with you on your needs and wants within your budget. You can visit our warehouse on Phillip Island. Whether your event will occur on here or elsewhere, Over the Top Events is the hire that can make it happen, so your dreams come true.</p>


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